<ISHIMA´s Corporate Vision>

A small company called "Ishima Boeki Co.", founded in Okinawa, Japan, decided to immigrate to Santa Cruz- Bolivia in 1994, in the year the history of Japanese immigration to Bolivia was approaching its centenary.
Ishima Boeki Co. settled in the city of Santa Cruz and was renamed ISHIMA S.R.L.
Using the abundant sugar cane of expansive lands of South America, ISHIMA S.R.L. began producing and exporting panela to Japan, Europe and the United States.
In 1997, the Japanese Salt Monopoly Law was lifted, and a year later, in 1998, ISHIMA S.R.L. introduced for the first time to the world, a magenta colored salt, extracted from the foothills of the Andes Mountains, which was named "Rose Salt", and began to refine and export it.
It has been 25 years since its settlement as an immigrated company, and ISHIMA S.R.L. currently not only produces and exports Panela and Rose Salt, but also Panela Propolis, Maca Panela and Uyuni Salt. Using the trade experience accumulated during these years, it provides services as an export agent of beans, chia seeds, maca and various other products, as well as developing commercial business within Latin America, including the import of tires.

Almost 20 years have passed since the beginning of the 21st century.
Japan currently faces a depopulation crisis with a lack of young working people. However, there was once a time when many Japanese people crossed the ocean, harboring dreams in new lands, extending their activities in new continents and therefore, in South America, the history of Japanese immigration exceeds 100 years.
Japanese immigrants and their descendants established themselves on the lands that welcomed them and cultivated the fields. They transmitted their skills and extended their businesses.
Currently, the population of Japanese and Nikkei immigrants in the world is estimated to be three million, which is around the same number of people living in Shizuoka Prefecture, the tenth most populous prefecture in Japan. It is estimated that the number of Nikkei will only continue to increase.

The Corporate Vision of ISHIMA S.R.L. is: "Made by Japanese ".
The trajectory covered by ISHIMA S.R.L. is still short, however it feels proud to be a Japanese company that has also crossed borders which is how it adopted its vision.
In this era of globalization, we will not call products made only in Japan: "Made in Japan". We would also like for the products made by the “Japanese of the world" to be received in Japan and the international market with the same affection, hoping that the number of companies with the same vision increases.


Año 2019
Legal Representative: Masakatsu Shimabukuro

<Concepto de Producto-Made by Japanese->

"Made by Japanese" are products made by Japanese people who emigrated abroad. These products return to their homeland, manufactured with a full feeling of longing for those who crossed the ocean.We present these products made with great affection by our compatriots.

<Presentation of Products>

Bolivia is a country located on the South American continent. We offer PANELA, NATURAL SALT AND ROSE SALT, full of natural nutrients from the place where the Andes Mountain meets the Amazon.

Pure Panela
(Block, Cube and Powder)

The eastern part of Bolivia, where the department of Santa Cruz is located, is an extensive agricultural area that expands from its neighboring country Brazil and extends widely beyond the horizon. The sugarcane crop, raw material of panela, does not use any chemicals or fertilizers.

We offer panela made with sugar cane that absorbed all the natural nutrients of the earth.

Propolis Panela

It is a mixture of pure panela and essence of propolis
The sweetness of panela softens the bitterness of propolis, while the bitterness of propolis provides an intense flavor to panela.
This product is suitable for those who are reluctant to take only propolis.

Maca Panela

It is a mixture of pure panela and maca powder.
It is an ideal complement for hormonal balance and to adjust the autonomic nervous system.

Sal Rosada

(Refinada, Roca)

Refinando una roca de sal originaria de la parte sur de Bolivia,  hermosa como el rubí, hemos elaborado una sal ideal.

No solamente es hermoso su color magenta. También tiene un sabor suave, bajo en salinidad, que combina perfectamente con carne, pescado y verduras. También, contiene una considerable cantidad de hierro, recomendada para personas que sufren de anemia.

Sal Natural (Salar de Uyuni)

En la parte occidental de Bolivia, en un altiplano a 3,650 m.s.m., en la frontera de Bolivia con Chile, se encuentra el salar más grande del mundo.
El viento que sopla y el ardiente sol, en un entorno natural severo de las tierras altas, han generado una  sal única.
ISHIMA S.R.L. exporta esta sal original.

Semilla de chia

“Bolivian Chia Seed”, es una fibra dietética que contiene abundante proteína, hierro, selenio, ácido α-linolénico, calcio, etc.
También tiene propiedades antienvejecimiento y purificador de sangre.
Debido a su naturaleza de hincharse absorbiendo sustancia líquida, es eficaz como alimento dietético.

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Analysis carried out by Nippon Bunseki Center: Food Analysis Center of Japan

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